Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

If you are a guest that want to attend the event , just navigate to the guest registration page and submit simple form online. 

If you want to participate in the AI Hackfest competition with your team member , please navigate to participants registration page.

Please make sure you read all the Registration rules before you register. 

The due date of the participants registration is 4th February 2021 12:00 AM. Other registration forms will be available until the seats is full.

Each team must have minimum of two students

Each team can have maximum of two professionals in the field to assist and support the team 

Each team should have a maximum of 4 members (students/professionals)

The activity dashboard is available for registered participants only , which is a dashboard for communicating with other team leaders and post activities to share ,ask and comment on information related to the upcoming AI Hackfest event.

Each team’s project will be judged by an evaluation panel during an exhibition event, and winners will be announced at the award ceremony. The awards consist of cash awards , see the following posts for more information. 

  • First place award – $$$$
  • Second place award – $$$
  • Third place award – $$

It is preferred to be registered as a guest before attending the event , please register online on “Guest registration” page. 

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