1st Place

Fatih Challenge

Hissam Saleh
Mohamed Nabeel

Mohamed Seef el Islam

Waste management 

Trash bins will be equipped with sensors that detect how full they are. When a bin becomes full, a notification with the location of the bin will be sent via the Cloud to the Waste Management Services, who will be able to automatically calculate the optimal route for nearest tracks to collect the trash and avoid overflowing.  

2nd Place


Ahmed Sultan
Murtadha AlZaki

Social Distance Analysis 

The project performs Social Distance Analysis and Face Mask detection. This is useful not only for various covid-19 related scenarios, but also for monitoring crowd analytics in congested areas, such as theatres, stadiums, shopping malls, to allow decision making in case of emergency or hazardous situations such as a fire.  

3rd Place

Bahrain AQ

Sughra Hassan
Siba AlAnsari

Shaima AlMeer

Air Quality Prediction 

The project uses sensors to calculate air pollutants and performs analysis of air quality in real-time by area and provide predictions. This is extremely useful as this can be used to send real-time notifications with precautions to the public who can then decide to limit outdoor activity during hazardous conditions. In the long term this can have a positive impact in reducing diseases that are caused by pollutants.  

Awards by Category

Public Sector Award

The Intelligent Crew

Abdulla Fareed Abdulrahman
Omar Salman Kamal
Othman Mohammed Albadri
Yousif Khalid Butti

Blind People Tactile Blocks

Tactile blocks are floor areas that have distinctive surface patterns that can be recognized by the touch of an underfoot to pass navigating directions to visually impaired people who have been trained to recognize surface patterns. The current project will combine such blocks with sensors that play audio instructions to further support blind people.

Private Sector Award

Estiqlal Team 3

Ameena Raed Aljazeeri
Noor saeed alnawakhdah
Omaima Yaser Alsamahiji

Saraa Isam Albarazanchi

Pharmacy Application

This application will allow patients to find nearby pharmacies that have stock of a medicine in Bahrain by scanning the doctor’s prescription, as well as helping them to order the import of the drug if it is not available in any pharmacy. This information will assist the Ministry of Health in the future in making important decisions appropriate to patients needs and the public interest.

Community Award

Ai Time

AlJazyah Yusuf AlArabi
Dana Abdulla AlDoseri
Shahd Ali AlHajri

Abdulaziz Yousif Alarabi

Heart Rate Monitor

The project idea is to detect and monitor electrocardiography (ECG) and identify any anomalies in the signal. In case an anomaly is detected, a notification can be given followed by monitoring notifications that can prompt for a medical visit. This can be used by people who suffer from heart diseases or anyone who would like to trace the function of his / her cardiovascular system. Early intervention in heart related incidents can be lifesaving and this system can be embedded in wearable devices.  

Innovation Award


Afaf Mohamed Alnaser
Kawther Faez Ebrahim

Maleeha Muzafar Ali

Intelligent Minutes of Meetings 

Since the covid-19 pandemic spread, most business meetings are now happening remotely via computers / phones. This creates an opportunity to automate the manual recording of minute meetings. Such manual recording wastes human resources & allows information to be omitted by human error.  The project will develop a tool that converts speech to text, detects the identity of the speaker and categorizes and organizes the text to the required minutes format.  

Technology Award

Fatih Alliance

Gullem Rassoul Mohamed
Mohamed Amine Amri

Laroussi Attia

Smart Attendance System

The project will offer an automatic attendance recording system that will use face recognition technology to monitor the presence of employees or students. It will use camera sensors that will pass information to the Cloud who will keep records for all employees and use data analysis tools to visualize reports for the management. 

Concept Award


Hussain Hasan
Mohammed Siddiq

Issue Reporting Tool

The project aims to offer a platform that will help the government and businesses predict unwanted issues and set priorities quickly to address such issues. The platform will use historical data and real time data to make predictions of such issues. An example is traffic jam prediction, but the concept applies to more scenarios.  

Feasibility Award


Batool Sayed Ebrahim Ahmed
Maryam Sayed Mohamed Abdulla
Zahraa Mohammed Alekri

Educational Game

The project will be an application and a game designed to be an interactive educational experience for children over 6 years old, offering a wide range of subjects and skills such as science, history, languages (including Arabic and English) and also including the sign language in a simplified and a diversified way Moreover, the application will include a section that is meant to provide parents with the necessary information about their child’s progress through our leveled game and achievement badges page for children. 

Newcomer Award

New Genix

Abdulkhaliq Mangat
Mohammed Rauf

Skin Cancer Detection App

The project will make use of the well-developed area of Computer Vision to develop a skin cancer detection application. It would be able to distinguish between 2 or 3 different deadliest cancer types at an early stage. Predicting models would be available as a mobile application so that everyone can use it as early detection of skin cancer allows cures for all cases.